Dino University for children.

Dino University is a family of highly interactive robot toys that will transform English learning for your child into an unforgettable adventure.

Dino’s educational strategy helps to prepare children for a foreign language acquisition from the first years of their life.

Learn through playing.

English learning with Dino University is very interesting, playful and natural. Dino’s teaching family includes interactive toys, big interactive mat, interactive cards and special game cards.

How children learn with Dino

We created our interactive adventure to be easy and fun to play. Children instantly start repeating after Dino and you see results of their learning from the first day. Watch this video to see Dino University in action.

Support your journey.

Dino University presents a great opportunity for children to learn through exploration, experimentation, and cooperation.

For teachers and educators Dino University is a new and innovative way to engage kids in a classroom.

Personalise and Customise with Dino App

To make Dino University adventure even more engaging and memorable we created a special mobile app.
Now your Dino can call your child by his/her name, speak with your voice, upload new educational content, and much more!

Created by Experts with passion

Dino University was created by a group of talented engineers, psychologists and cognitive scientists in cooperation with parents and English teachers.

Meet Renata Nowakowska - our methodical advisor. Blogger, influencer, Master of English philology, educationalist, practising English teacher for kids and a great person.

Together share a passion for new technologies, English language and future generations.

Learn more about Renata in her blog

Video Testimonials

We asked children who already tried Dino University to share their experience and opinion.
Enjoy watching!