We Are SmartLife Robotics.

SmartLife Robotics is a Warsaw-based startup working on solutions in the area of smart robots and AI.

In SmartLife Robotics we believe that by embracing the technological advances and using them to help kids be more inquisitive, knowledgeable and active is the best investment parents can make for their future generations.

By interacting with robot toys a child learns an important pattern of the synergy of the natural and technological environment in contemporary society.

We see the positive influence of interactive robots on young children’s cognitive and social development. Thus, we are continuously researching this impact while designing our toys.

Dino University is a spin-off project created particularly for the youngest learners and aimed to help children learn healthy habits by using educational technologies. Currently, Dino University’s interactive learning covers the English language. The next generations of the program will include more languages and STEM subjects.

SmartLife Robotics is a team of IT professionals,
focused on the cognitive development, human robot interaction and AI.

Holders of NCBR (National Centre for Research
and Development) grant;

PhD Researchers in Human Robot Interactions
(SWPS and Polish Japanese Academy of
Information Technology);

Recognized participants and finalists of many
regional and local innovation & startup contests.