Meet Albert, Niki and Leon!

These little guys will guide your child through the jungle of English learning.

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Niki like Nikola Tesla & Niciolaus Capernicus. She is adventurous and gorgeous.


Albert like Albert Einstein
He is a little genius
living next door.

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Leon like Leonardo Da Vinci
& "Elon" Musk.
He is a passionate explorer.

How children learn with Dino

We created our interactive adventure to be easy and fun to play. Children instantly start repeating after Dino and you see results of their learning from the first day. Watch this video to see Dino University in action.

All you need is right there.

Interactive Robot Toy
52 Interactive Cards and Games
Big Interactive Mat to play on the floor
Educational Guide
Free mobile app
USB-C charger cable

So many features.

Dino University robot toys have a unique set of features like no other toy. We make sure to create a safe, fun and engaging environment for children to learn.

High-quality materials

& resistant.


The toy can stay with you
for a very long time.

& stories

Makes the process
even more engaging.

Reaction to shaking
& movement

Rattle to
see the magic.

Glowing spots
& belly

Accompanying your activity with
a corresponding glowing.

A natural
voice speaker

Toy’s voice
is nice and soft.

Rich sounds
& music

Rich collection of natural sounds
and pleasant music.

5-factor stimulation

Thanks to the Dino University’s unique teaching methods, the robot toy engages all of the child’s senses to better support his/her development:

  • Language Development
  • Auditory Stimulation
  • Tactile & Sensory Stimulation
  • Visual Stimulation
  • Curiosity Stimulation
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Is my Dino Alive?

Almost. When being played with, Dino actively reacts to a child's behavior.

First of all Dino reacts when you put him on his accessories (cards, mat).
He will speak to teach you, start an interactive game or test your knowledge.

You can also put Dino to sleep, shake him and even make him hurt (by throwing him or keeping him upside down).

Who is Dino University for?

Children who are just learning to speak, already speak some or fully speak in their mother tongue.

Children who do not speak English at all or speak some.

Children who are open to new experiences, experiments and generally curious little boys & girls.

Parents who want to help their child with English language acquisition.

Delve into an Interactive Adventure!

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Personalise Your Experience

Do you want Dino to call your child by his/her name while playing?

Do you want to be greeted specially by your Dino toy?

Or maybe you want to customize your special card?

All of the above and much more is possible with the Dino app.

Download the app and make your toy really unique.

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