Start with the basics.

Interactive Mat is a great way to start your interactive learning adventure.
By exploring the mat with a Dino toy, a child gains a new experience of English language.
Each mat is unique and has its own set of vocabulary and learning exercises.

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Explore the secrets of
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Let’s travel to an ancient
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Discover the entire Solar
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From the basics to fluent.

With Dino University a child is learning in a very natural and highly efficient way. A child can learn and practice English both with a parent and on its own. The progress is visible from the first days.

8 modes to learn & play.

Simple. Efficient.

The set of 50+ interactive cards and games compliments the process of memorising and revising the new vocabulary.


Interactive Cards

Begin the journey with cards or continue learning. Cards correspond to each object on a mat and help a child to recognize objects and concepts in another context.


Interactive Games

Use your knowledge in practice. From the simplest FIND ON A MAT to the most complex sentence maker game these cards will engage the whole family into an interactive adventure!

Interactive Combo

Did you know that you can play with the interactive toy, mat and cards simultaneously?

Dino University Interactive Set was made just right for this purpose! A child can start playing and using the knowledge from the very first day. We think it’s the most pleasant part of the learning process.

Made with passion & knowledge.

Dino University was created in cooperation with psychologists, cognitive scientists and English teachers.

Generally, children till 6 years old have a great brain flexibility of language acquisition and gain language skills easier than later on, especially when given the right guidance. At Dino University we use this flexibility, and, at the same time, feed children’s temptation to explore and support their early cognitive development.