You have no ideas for new classes?

Your students lose interest quickly?

Work cards, popular songs and books are not enough anymore?

Dino University will diversify your classes!

Meet the interactive teacher assistant by Dino University, which was specially created for the youngest explorers to effectively learn the basics of the English language through rich and engaging interaction.

With fun learning with an interactive friend from Dino University, each child will be able to use the English language in practice, develop the correct pronunciation and learn to listen and understand a foreign language.

The advanced technology of the Albert robot enriches the knowledge of a little person and supports the teacher in the classroom. Together with Dino University, each of your classes will be interesting and engaging.

Dino University is an interactive and personalized help for an English teacher.

> Learn by experience!

Dino supports the educator at every stage of learning. Together with Dino Albert, the teacher will introduce new topics in an innovative way. Such a little Dino University robot and so many possibilities!

Language School Karinaschool

Language School

I use Dino in class, the toy functions as my assistant and in combination with the mat and cards it is a nice diversion for children, even early school children. Such technology in class is a fantastic idea!

Language School Karinaschool

Family English Iwona Lidwin Language School

Language School

Taaaa daaaa! Great news! From September, we are opening Dino University for kindergarten groups! We are going to do the whole course with Dino Albert! My students are already looking forward to their educational language adventure with the Dinosaur Albert, who speaks English. We invite preschoolers to study together.

Family English Iwona Lidwin Language School

Teaching English Magdalena Hawrylów

Language School

I bought two sets because my students love educational toys! Learning with Dino University is much faster and more effective! We are looking forward to more accessories and sets.

Magdalena Hawrylów

Daria M.

Online teacher of schools in China and Europe

I love innovative science. Technology allows me to improve my classes and exceed the limits of standards. I have already used various educational platforms, multimedia materials, but Dino University brought warmth and real interaction to my classes. By using Dino University in online classes, the robot does not lose any functions and shows its possibilities in a new way. Give yourself and your child some space to use their imaginations and your classes will never be boring again.

Daria M.


With the help of the free and easy application, the teacher can record his own materials. You don't have to limit yourself. It can be words, songs or even a whole poem! In the application, you can also set Dino to address the student by name!

No other toy in Poland can do that!

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Who is Dino University for?

  • For children aged 2 to 6 who do not know English or know only a little.
  • For children who are open to new experiences and experiments.
  • For children who need a special learning method.
  • For teachers who want to help their students learn English in a more interactive way.
  • For teachers who want their classes to be professional, interactive and innovative.
  • For passionate teachers who know how to use technology for better learning.
  • For teachers who are looking for new ideas and methods to learn English.

How to use Dino in class?

Albert can support the teacher both in presenting new material and in revising already learned material. By developing together with a personalized robot, a little genius easily consolidates and develops the acquired knowledge. With fun learning with an interactive friend from Dino University, each child will be able to use the English language in practice, develop the correct pronunciation and learn to listen and understand a foreign language.

Dino can be used as a second teacher to magically (innovative) stimulate students' interest. By using the robot personalization function, the teacher will obtain unique material for each of his classes. Preschoolers can use a nice dino for science projects or demonstration performances. With dino, kids and their teacher can create great things in English.

What can Albert do?

The educational robot has great hidden power in its little feet. With their help, he reads the mat and cards. Albert speaks in complete sentences. It even has a story telling feature.

In addition to speaking, Albert also makes various sounds, for example: the sound of smelling flowers, the sound of a waterfall, the sound of climbing a wall.

Additionally, Albert reacts to shaking and falls asleep when the baby is not playing with him for a while; then it makes a sweet snoring noise.

Thanks to unique educational methods, the robot toy engages all of the child's senses to support its development even better. Albert encourages children to speak and perform various activities.

Dino University interactive cards

Interactive cards will be perfect for classes. Every teacher knows how to use flashcards in class, but cards from Dino University are a new level of interactive cards.

Dino University games and activities allow you to use and test your knowledge. With fun learning with cards from Dino University, each child will be able to use the English language in practice, develop the correct pronunciation and learn to listen and understand a foreign language.

The child, with the help of a special card and free application, will be able to record their own song, text, word or story. In this way, every little learner will be engaged in learning.

Dino University cards are durable and eco-friendly, which guarantees that they will be used for a long time. The box of interactive cards contains 51 cards (including 26 letters, 26 words, 10 numbers, 9 colors, 4 interactive games) and an endless number of uses.

Dino University Interactive mat

What will be the most convenient place to teach English?

Such a place should be safe, colorful, comfortable and interesting. That is why an educational mat is included in the set. The mat is used not only for comfortable sitting in a circle around it, but also for deeper involvement of children.

The mat itself is large and colorful. Safe and durable material allows children to feel freely on the mat.

Dino University mat looks like a beautiful tropical island and has advanced technology inside. On the mat, the child can discover the world with the Dino University robot. Together they will meet chirping birds, count trees or meet other dinosaurs - all in English!

The DU Mat has 90+ interactive objects, 8 fun modes and 20+ learning topics: learning letters, words, numbers, colors, nature sounds, logical thinking, abstract thinking, cause-and-effect thinking, learning to form sentences, stimulating the senses, practicing perceptiveness, learning logical reasoning, quizzes checking knowledge.

Fun modes on the interactive mat

What Albert tells us depends on what mode on the map we choose. There are 8 modes to choose from

Explore - After placing the Dino on, for example, a hippo we will hear "a hippo" and the sound of an animal, and then after jumping on a unicorn, "a unicorn" will hear a sound.

Numbers - After directing Albert to the number on the map, Albert will read it and then we will hear the beep the appropriate number of times.

Colours - Robot reads the colors from the map.

Alphabet - After placing the object on the mat, we will hear a letter and a word, for example K - Kangaroo.

Words - Albert will name each object on the mat when placed.

Sounds - When placed on an object, Albert will only make a sound, such as the sound of the ocean or the singing of birds.

Test - Albert asks us to find the objects on the map. For example, the robot says: Find eight islands. After placing it in the right place, we will hear a positive sound signal, in case of a mistake the signal will be negative and the robot will repeat what we have to find.

Story - This is by far the most extensive feature in the toy. After starting the Story mode and directing Albert to one of the numbers on the map, he will start to tell a story (Once upon a time there was a Dino ...). There are elements in the story that involve children and encourage them to move, count and repeat words. On the other hand, after placing Albert on any object on the map, we will hear a full sentence about the object or animal. For example, if you bet on a kangaroo, you will hear A kangaroo jumps. Jump like a kangaroo. Hop, hop, hop.

Dino University Games

Games from Dino University will make English language classes easy, interesting and interactive. In the playbook from Dino University you can find lots of ideas for classes. The simplest function of the cards is that when Dino is placed on them, he will read the card. However, the secret is in the playing cards. After placing Albert on the selected card to play, he starts the fun mode. What will happen?

  • Sentence Maker - Albert makes a sentence such as "Six blue whales." The children have to find three cards - the number 6, blue and a whale. After finding the cards, you can check if the sentence is correct. We put Albert on the card with the number 6, blue and whale. Just like playing with the mat, Albert makes positive and negative sounds.
  • True/False - This game consists of as many as three cards. The first card is the game activation card, and the other two are obviously the truth card and the falsehood card. After placing the dinosaur on the playing card, you will hear a sentence, for example "An octopus has eight legs." We have to decide whether the statement is true or false by putting Albert on the appropriate card.
  • Find on a mat - It is rather simple game. It consists in the fact that first we have to put Albert on the picture card and then find the same object on the mat.
  • What is this? - Albert will describe the subject in one sentence, for example "It can play music." The child must find the item on the map or among picture cards.
  • Card for personalization - One white card is included. This card can be personalized using the app and Albert will say whatever you ask him to say. He can, for example, praise your school ;)